Dungeon Delvers is a cooperative card game for 4 players. In this game players pick a unique hero and fight dark creatures and aquire treasure as they descend into the darkest depths to fight the Dungeon boss. The game mechanics were designed by Richard Dickerson and the art assets and visual direction was all done by myself.  


Mutant Vanguard is a top-down sci-fi shooter in which the player controls an experimental alien ship that can shape shift. The player's job is to defeat the allied forces of earth that are resisting the invasion, use your mutant ship shape-shifting powers to enter different modes and overcome all obstacles thrown at you. This game is still under development but I will release it soon.


Neon Avenger is a retro futuristic mod for the  Unity Demo Angry bots. In the year 2089, Cyber-criminals are executed in a virtual reality game filled with viruses traps and other dangers. You are Kapek Asimov and you have been wrongfully accused of hacking the government website, your goal is to escape the system and make them pay. You will have to navigate perilous traps, fight dangerous robots and explore the glowy insides of the virtual reality in the year 2089. Remember to use Firefox to play the game


Angler point is an exploration platformer set in the dark depths of the sea. You are a diver and your submarine has failed, you must find spare parts to fix it while avoiding the hungry Anglerfish but don't take too long or you might run out of oxygen! I developed the visual and artistic aspect of the game and modeled and textured the characters and creatures on this game. The project was directed and produced by Camille Watkins who also developed the UI and level design. Mina Kim worked on environment art and Will Burke was in charge of scripting, animation and co-developed level design.

Planetfall is a prototype for a third person on rails shooter. Players must escape a planet on the brink of collapse while avoiding lethal homing missiles and turrets. I co-developed the scripting and level design of this game with Coraly Rosario, we applied animations, raycasting, effects and trigger colliders to create this prototype. Remember to use Firefox to play the game


Arcadia Battleworld is a tabletop strategy game. I designed and created the art, backstory and mechanics of the game. I hope to one day release the game to the public. Arcadia is set in a violent universe of conflict were survival is the only goal and the total obliteration of enemies is the only way to achieve it. The techno-organic creatures that inhabit planet arcadia were all inspired by ancient civilizations and culture.