Lizard process

Here are some sketches and process for the roguish Lizard character. His background is that he is an assassin for hire who has spent most of his life living in the sewers, he has acquired an immunity to various diseases but he is now a carrier to all of them.

If the poisoned blade doesn't get you, the infectious bite will for sure

First I sketched out some quick lines and found shapes I liked, once that was done I got to work properly and started filling out more shapes in values. After filling in values for a bit I decide to colorize the whole composition and set two light sources.

After setting down my light sources I start rendering and using some texture brushes on the cloak and face to create more interest, at this point the strokes are still very broad.

After laying down the broad strokes I use a smaller brush and start adding details to his faces, like the zits and scales. I also use a color dodge brush for the poisoned blade and the antidote vials on his leg.

I finally use some color overlay layers to tone down some of the colors. now that I look at this I do think that it could use quite a bit more detail but I ran out of time when I did it. Maybe I should go back to it?...